Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raw Revelations: Who's Good, Who's Bad?

One of the interesting things with WWE Raw right now is how The Nexus has become this new heel faction who has made the actual heels into faces. Not only that, but we've got dissention amongst John Cena and Team WWE, as well as The Miz and Sheamus at odds. With all that confusion within the roster it makes for some fun storylines.

Heading into Summerslam, we've already got Team WWE at odds as seen at the end of Raw. Morrison and R-Truth were once friends but because of a slight mishap in a match are now feuding a bit. Somehow, Great Khali became confused in the ring and just delivered a head chop to take Morrison down, which made little sense. John Cena and Chris Jericho have never liked each other and Jericho is out to destroy Cena. Edge wants Khali off the team. Bret Hart was nowhere to be found on Monday Night, but maybe he'll be the key to resolving all of this mayhem.

Then we've got The Miz still holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. He nearly cashed in on Sheamus again on Monday, that is until Randy Orton RKO'd both guys. It makes you wonder just who and when Miz is going to cash in. Will Summerslam be The Miz's big moment? Will others keep interfering in his cash-in attempt to keep the WWE Universe guessing? Miz and Sheamus had a great backstage verbal altercation prior to teaming up in Raw's main event. It almost seems like they're setting The Miz up to become face in the near future.

With that, many are predicting once again that WWE's strongest face and biggest tickets/merchandise pitch man will be turning heel. That's right, some feel that Summerslam's elimination match will be Cena's turning point. Will he backstab the rest of his team? It would be one of the biggest shocks in recent WWE history if he does, but maybe Cena is the guy to put The Miz over as a face. Miz will need many more strong promos to get to that level, but he can eventually achieve great fame with WWE if he keeps it up.

Right now is a fun time to be a WWE fan. We don't know what's coming next and sometimes are forced to root for the typical heels. There's even been some fans spotted in WWE crowds wearing Nexus T-shirts. As they say, "you're either Nexus or against us" but who are you rooting for if you're against them?

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