Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is the WWE Divas Division Dead?

This past week saw Melina Perez victorious at Summerslam, capturing back the WWE Divas Championship after being out of action for weeks. Melina had suffered an injury at a house show that kept her out of action for weeks, also forcing her to vacate the Divas title. Since her injury, Maryse, Eve and then Alicia Fox all wore the title. Prior to that, the belt moved from Mickie James to Jillian, for a matter of minutes, before Melina won it.

Melina won on Sunday, but was then attacked by LayCool who were pretending to arrive to the ring to celebrate. It's clearly setting up a Melina vs one of them title match, maybe even a 2-on-1 handicap match arranged by Vickie Guerrero. LayCool are the BFF's on Smackdown who call themselves "Flawless" and share everything. To the point they gave back one of their Womens championship belts and cut the other in half. Now each of them, Layla and Michelle McCool carries half a belt to the ring. Layla is the official champ in the books though, but Vickie Guerrero allowed them to be co-champs. LayCool is probably holding those half belts until one Beth Phoenix is ready to return.

That brings us to Monday Night Raw, with a six divas tag match. It showed moments of sloppyness as realistically there just isn't the quality of in-ring diva talent as in the past. Not only that, but Jillian Hall picked up the pinfall in the match, a bigtime surprise for many fans. Is she getting a push all of a sudden, or do they just want a new contender for Melina's title on Raw, for a week or so?

Looking back, the divas were clearly better years ago, but there's reasons for that. Past diva The Fomer and first Divas Champion, Michelle M...Image via Wikipediagreats including Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria and even Chyna, showcased much more skill. However, they were also marketed during the "not-PG era" which included a lot of sexual innuendos, shower incidents, in-ring stripping and more to appeal to the red-blooded males of the WWE Universe. Still, they had the skills in the ring to entertain, but these days it seems divas like Kelly Kelly, Eve, Tiffany, Rosa Mendes and The Bella Twins really need more training. The cream of the crop right now is Natalya (who rarely gets in the ring), Beth Phoenix, Melina, Gail Kim and Jillian. The rest need work. The major cases in point are the use of The Bellas and Rosa Mendes for mostly skit work, rather than actual wrestling. Even Maryse seems to have been demoted a bit from her days as a top diva champ, as mere eye candy on the arm of Ted Dibiase now.

Some have argued for a divas tag division to spice things up, but the regular male tag division isn't doing so well as it is now. Others believe combining the two belts (WWE Women's and Divas) might help, but it is good for storylines to have the two separate titles. The bottom line is WWE needs more development of the weaker wrestling women and more showcasing of the talented divas especially since it is trailing TNA's Knockouts in terms of their sex appeal storylines and overall better wrestling.

How would you fix the divas division? Do you think it needs to go away altogether, or can something be done to save it?

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Blogger ~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Maybe the WWE is hoping that the third cycle of NXT will pump some life into the Divas Divison.
Maybe an influx of Indy talent would help.

September 4, 2010 at 8:40 PM  

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