Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NXT & Raw Revelations - Summerslam Preview

In case you missed it on NXT, Michael Cole hits harder than a girl, and harder than Percy Watson, Husky Harris and Kaval. Well, technically Cole hits harder than Kaval kicks and none of the divas threw any punches at the boxing machine.

Josh Matthews is a pretty solid puncher as well, clocking in with a better score in the NXT "Power of the Punch" challenge than all those guys mentioned above as well as Lucky Cannon. In fact, just two rookies out-power punched Matthews: Michael McGillicutty and the challenge winner, Alex Riley. Is this pathetic for the latest NXT rookies? Was the machine broken due to someone's punch? Basically the two commentators for the show had better results. Neither of them had the WWE fans in the arena, but still... Very strange and disappointing results from the guys who want to be next breakout star. By the way, some may forget, Josh Matthews was part of the WWE "Tough Enough" reality show but ended up as a commentator and backstage interviewer, not a wrestler. He seems to be about the size/weight class of Kaval.

On to the NXT show, we saw Lucky Cannon as the latest casualty on the show. His farewell speech was that of a sore loser as he tried to make comedic jabs about his former competitors, calling Kaval a 9-year-old, and comparing Percy Watson to Eddie Murphy. Someone bring out the hook and yank Lucky off the ramp! His time's up.

Kaval is currently on top of the poll despite McGillicutty having the best record and Alex Riley seeming to have one of the best personalities. The fans seem to really like Watson and Kaval though, so expect those two to duke it out in the finals. There's a double-elimination next week, so could it be just the three face rookies remaining?

Speaking of NXT, it seemed odd for them to be part of their own match on Raw, until Sheamus was shown seated at ringside, fuming over the prior events. It seems the writers didn't want Sheamus taking out his frustrations on Evan Bourne anymore. Plus most of the rest of the roster is involved in Summerslam's big matches, or injured. That made the NXT rooks expendable for the night.

Is Miz going to be WWE Champion after Summerslam? There's a strong possibility. It seems there's a set up in the works. His rookie will be on Raw Monday night. Miz is also in talks to be a part of the Team WWE vs Nexus match. He defeated John Morrison on NXT in a match to prove he belongs on Team WWE. And he just happens to be holding that red briefcase which he could cash in Sunday...Seems like something's up!

Team WWE vs Nexus, at least six guys are on the same page now for the WWE Squad. However, Great Khali is injured. Mark Henry is injured, thanks to Nexus. Miz spoke up about being a replacement, since he has nothing else going on Sunday, or they're trying to swerve us. How about HHH? In a possible spoiler he makes a triumphant return to steal the show and help Team WWE defeat Nexus.

Could there be someone on Team WWE turning heel? That seems like one possible swerve for this ongoing story. It could also just be one of those big redeeming victory matches for Cena and Bret Hart who suffered heinous attacks. Or Team WWE just wins outright and Barrett talks about how they lost one battle, but not the war. The feud continues.

Smart money seems to be on Melina being at least one of the new title winners at Summerslam. The Orton-Sheamus match is tricky due to the whole Miz-MITB situation. Kane should retain the World Title, but Undertaker might return from his vegetative state.

Summerslam does have potential for some big surprises just like Fatal Fourway and Money in the Bank, but will the majority of the WWE Universe like what they are?

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