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Summerslam 2010 PPV Results

Welcome to the Summerslam 2010 PPV Results page courtesy of WWE Characters the Blog! Here you'll find the latest results for the 2010 edition of WWE's Summerslam. Results will be updated throughout the event, starting at 8PM EST and ending around 11PM EST.

On this year's card there's six matches so far, with four of the championship belts on the line. Meanwhile, Team WWE faces The Nexus in an elimination tag match, but unfortunately for Cena's assembled team they're currently down a member. Will a WWE Superstar step up to fill the role?

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Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship

With the match underway past five minutes, Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise. Ziggler avoided it and locked on a sleeperhold. As he was trying to wear Kofi down, The Nexus stormed the ring. Nexus knocked Ziggler out of the ring then attacked Kofi with both Darren Young and Wade Barrett doing their finishing moves. The Nexus stood over Kofi's body on the mat, as their leader got on the mic.

Barrett said he realizes Team WWE is seeking out a 7th member but it won't matter. He pointed to the fact that the WWE roster is divided right now, and that Nexus is a strong unit that can't be defeated.

Winner: No contest, Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental title.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox
WWE Divas Championship

Alicia was able to gain control early with a headlock on Melina. Melina gets to her feet to fight out and take down Alicia. Despite hurting her knee on a move in the corner, Melina managed to get Alicia against the rope and hit a double knee on her. Alicia mounted a comeback and targeted Melina's arm. However, Melina hit another double knee attack on Fox, then a Facebuster for the win.

Post-match, Team LayCool came out to interrupt a Josh Matthews interview with the new Divas champ. The "Flawless" Duo attacked Melina, eventually getting the best of her with Michelle sending Melina into a guardrail.

Winner: Melina wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox to become new Divas Champion.

Big Show vs. Straight Edge Society
3-on-1 Handicap match

Early on, SES got knocked down by Big Show as they were huddled up discussing strategy. Later on, Punk avoided a hand chop from Big Show on the outside, causing Show to hit his injured hand on the ring steps. All members of SES took advantage and did some more damage on the hand.

Later in the match, it was Big Show making his comeback until CM Punk got a high knee on him in the corner. Punk and Mercury hit a double bulldog attack on Show. Big Show managed to pick up CM Punk. Luke Gallows went for a save kicking Show in the gut, and Punk fell to the outside. In the ring, Big Show hit a double clothesline on Mercury and Gallows. On the outside, Serena helped CM Punk up, while back in the ring Show chokeslammed Mercury onto Gallows then made a double pin. CM Punk and Serena looked down to the ring from the ramp at the victorious Big Show.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match.

The Miz arrived to the ring to talk over his big decision: Should he join Team WWE as the 7th member? He talks about Cena and Bret Hart begging him to join, and says he's going to be the future of WWE, the next WWE Champion. Miz says his decision is bigger than Lebron's to leave Cleveland. He riled up the LA Lakers fans saying the Heat will now be able to defeat the Lakers this year. Miz finally announced that yes he will join up as Team WWE's 7th member. He started up his "I'm Awesome" phrase but cut it off saying the crowd doesn't get to say his phrase, then he finally finished.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
WWE Championship Match

In this traditional one-on-one match a stipulation was added by Raw's anonymous GM that if anyone from WWE interferes they would be suspended indefinitely. Also, if Orton loses he goes to "the back of the line" in terms of being a top title contender.

Late in the match, Orton escaped from Sheamus' Celtic Cross powerbomb move. Orton went for the RKO with Sheamus shoving him away and then hitting a huge kick to the face for a near fall. Frustrated, Sheamus went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. The referee tried to prevent Sheamus from using it and got shoved down. Instant DQ was signaled by the referee. Sheamus loses, but retains the title.

Sheamus tried to use the chair still but Orton ducked it. A not-so-happy Randy Orton took out his anger on the champ kicking him in the groin, then brought Sheamus to the outside. Orton cleared off the announce table and then put Sheamus up on it for the RKO.

Orton left the scene and Sheamus required help backstage from medical staff after the vicious RKO!

Winner: Randy Orton wins due to disqualification of Sheamus after Sheamus shoved the referee down. Sheamus is still WWE Champion.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
World Championship Match

As Rey and Kane neared the ten minute mark in their match, Rey managed to stop Kane as he got up on the corner. Mysterio was able to land a sentaun bomb from the top rope on Kane, then hit a spinning DDT for a near fall. Mysterio with a springboard guillotine leg drop on the back of Kane's head for a two count.

Rey went to the top rope for a high risk move which Kane countered with an uppercut on Rey. Kane went over and opened the casket lid. Rey cut off Kane's attempt at a chokeslam and hit the 619. Kane blocked it and teased another chokeslam with Rey falling into the casket. Rey was able to fight his way out of it, and tried for another 6-1-9 with no luck. He went for a Springboard Splash and Kane blocked it. Kane managed to hit a big boot on Kane for the advantage then the Chokeslam for the win.

Post-match, Kane denounced Rey on the mic and attacked him. After several chokeslams and a Tombstone, Kane pulled Rey across the ring and opened the casket. This time, the Undertaker was inside. Kane was shocked and backed away. Taker got out and stumbled into the ring where he asked Rey why he did it. Mysterio again denied it, and Undertaker said "I believe you."

Undertaker did his cuthroat signal towards Rey, then turned to point at Kane. Kane said it wasn't him. Undertaker grabbed Kane by the throat and Kane did the same to his brother. The two fought with Kane winning due to Taker's previous vegetative state. Kane ended up Tombstone Piledriving Taker to the mat before letting out a maniacal laugh as he left the ring!

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Team WWE vs. The Nexus
7-on-? Elimination Match

The Nexus arrived out first for the main event. After they were in the ring, it was time for Team WWE intros. Cena was out first and stood ringside as the next members of the team were intro'd. Edge, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and Bret Hart each got separate intros. Next, The Miz's music hit and he arrived out as the star of the show. Cena interrupted though. He let Miz know that he was too late in making a decision, because it was done the day of Summerslam. He said they already found someone else who hates Nexus as much as the rest of them. Cena introduced the 7th member of the team...Daniel Bryan! Bryan walked past the Miz and then joined Team WWE for the match.

Daniel Bryan made an immediate impact as he came in and locked a Crossface submission hold on Darren Young to make him tap out in under a minute. Young eliminated, 7-on-6 advantage for Team WWE. Team WWE was on a roll minutes later, as John Morrison completed Starship Pain on Michael Tarver to make it 7-5 Team WWE. However, the next two eliminations belonged to The Nexus as Skip Sheffield used his big clothesline to take down John Morrison for a pinfall and then R-Truth (5-5). Next up, Bret Hart was eventually in to do some damage. Hart looked amazing in the ring with a series of intense strikes on Heath Slater. Someone from Nexus slid a steel chair into the ring which Hart picked up and smashed onto Slater. Hart was DQ'd for the incident, making it 5-4 for The Nexus. Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Skip Sheffield and then Edge came in for The Spear to get the pinfall, making it 4-4.

After Chris put the Walls of Jericho on David Otunga and eliminated him (4-3 WWE), then Heath Slater rushed in to attack. After the surprise, Slater scored the pinfall on Jericho (3-3). Edge started arguing with Cena about Jericho being eliminated, so Heath Slater grabbed Edge from behind for another pinfall, leaving just John Cena and Daniel Bryan for Team WWE (3-2 Nexus).

John Cena got knocked off the apron, but Justin Gabriel went out to throw him back in. The Nexus began to beat on Cena in their corner with a 3-on-1 attack. Cena managed to regain control of Justin Gabriel and had him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Gabriel escaped it and hit a DDT on Cena. Cena continued to withstand a lot of beating from Nexus as Daniel Bryan looked for the hot tag. Cena finally made the tag and in came Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan was on fire and was able to use the crossface submission once again to eliminate Heath Slater this time, evening the sides at 2 apiece. However, after Slater dove out of the ring at Justin Gabriel, The Miz was there to smash Bryan in the face with the MITB briefcase. From there, Wade Barrett scored a pinfall to bring it down to 2-on-1 Barrett & Gabriel versus John Cena.

Gabriel had the advantage on Cena, however he missed on a 450 Splash attempt. Cena made a quick cover to eliminate Gabriel, bringing it down to John Cena versus Wade Barrett 1-on-1. Wade Barrett rushed into the ring, but was quickly taken down by John Cena. After a tap out from Barrett, John Cena won the match for Team WWE!

(1) Darren Young via Danielson at 0:42.
(2) Michael Tarver via Morrison at 3:34.
(3) John Morrison via Sheffield at 7:31.
(4) R-Truth via Sheffield at 7:58.
(5) Bret Hart DQ'ed at 12:05.
(6) Skip Sheffield via Edge at 13:12.
(7) David Otunga via Jericho at 19:15.
(8) Chris Jericho via Slater at 20:05.
(9) Edge via Slater at 20:40.
(10) Slater via Danielson at 29:00.
(11) Danielson via Barrett (w/Miz assist) at 29:32.
(12) Gabriel via Cena at 34:52.
(13) Barrett via Cena at 35:18.

Winner: Team WWE wins after John Cena makes the final elimination of Wade Barrett via submission.

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