Monday, August 16, 2010

Raw Preview 08/16/10

With the 2010 WWE Summerslam results official, there's a less-than-happy Viper ready to strike back. In last night's WWE title match against Sheamus, many members of the WWE Universe as well as Randy Orton, believe there was a robbery in the match. The original stipulation on the match was that if Orton lost he'd go to the back of the line for a title shot. However, due to Sheamus' foul play and behavior, the match ended in DQ. With that, fans are left wondering, will Orton be granted a rematch? Will it take place on tonight's Raw, or will the anonymous GM say no way?

Last night also saw WWE Diva Melina victorious as she defeated Alicia Fox for the Divas Championship. it was just the second match back for Melina since returning from a bad injury. Melina now has two straight wins over Alicia as well as the Divas title to show for it. It's Melina's second reign, but you have to believe Alicia Fox will also be looking for a rematch. Will that go down on tonight's episode of Raw?

Finally, the biggest match of the Summerslam PPV was the main event which pitted Team WWE versus The Nexus. With WWE down by one member due to Great Khali getting attacked, The Miz made his decision known at Summerslam, that yes he would participate for Team WWE. However, when the match came, Miz was surprised to learn it would be Daniel Bryan returning to fill the 7th spot! In the match, eliminations went back and forth, but in the end it was John Cena saving the day for Team WWE. The first win in what seems like an ongoing war goes to WWE's Raw roster. What will The Nexus' next move be? What's up next for Daniel Bryan?

Catch Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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