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WWE NXT Results 08/17/10

WWE NXT Results from Bakersfield, CA:

Cole opened the show saying tonight's a very important episode of NXT with a double elimination. He sent it to the ring for tonight's co-host Jamie Keyes. She introduced each of the five remaining NXT rookies. The remaining pro mentors were up on the stage already. Husky Harris, Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley and Percy Watson. Matt Striker joined them all in the ring.

Striker reminded fans that by the end of tonight, just three NXT rookies will remain with a chance at becoming WWE's next breakout star. Striker said they each could have one minute to talk, except for the topic of why they shouldn't be eliminated. Percy Watson spoke first about the 3-D's including his desire and determination. Alex Riley spoke about "Alex Riley". Riley made jokes about Kaval and Lucky Cannon, then said he called Matt Striker a 'nerd' and doesn't regret it. Kaval started doing a rap and dissed several of his competitors. Husky Harris talked about the cowboy boots he was wearing, and said the devil also wears cowboy boots.

Striker said it was time for the first elimination of the evening. He said several of the pro mentors (Raw's Miz, Mark Henry, John Morrison) are currently on a tour of Asia, but they sent in absentee ballots. They flashed up on the screen all the guys and then stopped on a picture of Percy Watson. Fans in the crowd booed as Showtime looked upset. He thanked the WWE Universe for the votes and his Pro Mentor MVP. Watson gave a passionate, classy speech and shook hands with Kaval saying he'd be the winner.

Michael McGillicutty vs. Zack Ryder

Kofi Kingston was up on the apron to coach his rookie. Late in the match, McGill was on a tear as he took down Ryder multiple times. Ryder got to the corner where McGill flew at him with a body splash. He began pounding on Ryder until the ref pulled him away. From there it was a backflip as Ryder came from the ropes. Ryder was on the apron and was able to snap McGillicutty against the top rope as he dropped off to the floor. Ryder got back in and hit the Rough Ryder to finish off McGillicutty.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty.

Josh Matthews and Michael Cole discussed Summerslam's World Heavyweight Title match. They showed a few still shots from the match, including Undertaker sitting up from inside the casket at ringside. They showed the two brothers putting their hands on each other's throats. Kane eventually used a Tombstone to leave Undertaker layed out in the ring. Cole said Kane plans to explain on Friday's Smackdown why he did what he did to Undertaker.

Backstage LayCool were giving cheers for their rookie Kaval to get him psyched up for a match. They sent him out after a "Win!" on 3 yell together. Kaval left and Michelle confronted Layla, asking her about the kiss she gave him two weeks ago. Layla played it down saying she was helping him out and is just a passionate person. Michelle said they'd be cute together. Layla said she just likes to close her eyes and hear him talk. Layla walked off as Michelle said that was weird. Just then, Husky Harris walked up to Michelle and said "do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" Michelle told him to walk by again and walked off.

Kaval vs. Husky Harris

Cody Rhodes accompanied his rookie Husky to the ring, and Team LayCool came to the ring with Kaval. Kaval had an early guillotine submission locked in but Harris got to the ropes.

As the match wound down, Harris had a not-so-pretty slam move with Kaval barely kicking out. Moments later, Harris came from against the ropes to kick Kaval. He went for his slam move a second time, but Kaval countered with a DDT to the mat. From there, Kaval climbed up on the corner and jumped off to drive both his feet into Harris' chest for the pinfall win.

Winner: Kaval wins via pinfall over Husky Harris.

Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley

They showed Daniel Bryan facing Michael Tarver of The Nexus on last night's Raw. Alex Riley and The Miz showed up to distract him, and then gave him a beatdown outside the ring.

Michael McGillicutty accompanied Kofi to the ring for the second pro vs rookie match of the night. During the match, Kofi pummeled Riley in the corner, then ducked his clothesline attempt. Kofi had a number of takedowns including a double chop down to hit the Boom Boom leg drop. From there he began to signal for his Trouble in Paradise. Riley stumbled over from the corner and got kicked in the face. Kofi with the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Alex Riley.

NXT returned with highlights from Summerslam Axxess and other recent events connected with Summerslam.

Cole and Matthews intro'd highlights from last night's Raw. They showed the Nexus dominating in a series of matches except their last one which Darren Young lost to John Cena. Cena managed to get out of the ring and Nexus gave a beatdown to Young, signaling they were done with him as a member of the group.

Matt Striker had commentators Matthews and Cole in the ring to say who should be the winner of NXT Season 2 and who should be eliminated next. Surprisingly both guys said that Kaval should go and Alex Riley should be the winner.

When NXT returned Striker had the rookies lined up in front of the ring. It was time for the second elimination of the night. They did the rotating pictures of the four remaining rookies on the Titantron until it stopped on Husky Harris. Cody Rhodes got up incensed by his rookie getting eliminated and started going off on the pros, the fans and then each of the other rookies. He went one-by-one to Riley, then McGillicutty and then kicked Kaval in the groin. Husky and Rhodes began to pound away on Kaval.

That brought MVP and Kofi down to the ring to intervene. They chased off Rhodes and tried to restrain Harris. He kept fighting Kofi, so they eventually punched him down. Kaval got himself back together then got into the ring and jumped off the corner to take down Harris. LayCool was at ringside now, screaming at Harris "that's what you get". All of the pros and rookies were in a crazy scene to close out NXT. Rhodes and Harris backed up the ramp still angry and shouting at others.

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