Monday, August 16, 2010

Summerslam Surprises - Undertaker & Daniel Bryan Return!

The Summerslam 2010 PPV has come and gone in Los Angeles, CA as of Sunday but not without some riveting storylines. The matches aren't rated highly by most wrestling critics or fans. The event featured six matches, two of which ended in a DQ, one title change (Melina won divas title), a handicap feud, Mysterio losing to Kane, and of course that Team WWE vs Nexus battle. While all the matches weren't top caliber and this may not be the best Summerslam ever, it had its moments. Luckily there were a few interesting developments tossed in to keep the WWE Universe interested.

It made for an exciting Pay-Per-View for WWE to offer not one, but two superstars returning to Smackdown and Raw. One of them most fans could see coming, with The Undertaker arriving back to confront Rey Mysterio and Kane. It ended with Taker saying he believed Rey, then going after his brother. However, Undertaker is much weaker following the attack that left him in a vegetative state. So Kane got the upperhand and eventually a Tombstone Piledriver. To be continued on Smackdown.

The biggest surprise of the night was Daniel Bryan, aka Bryan Danielson. He was the surprise 7th member added on to Team WWE. To make his return bigger, he took over The Miz's spot, as Miz made a grand announcement at Summerslam that he would participate on behalf of Team WWE. Cena said sorry, we've got ourselves the final man. That lead to Daniel Bryan making a bit return impact as he battled The Nexus and eliminated several of them. Bryan was eliminated thanks to The Miz at ringside who bashed him with the MITB briefcase, followed by a pinfall from Wade Barrett. Expect The Miz and Bryan to feud, with Bryan eventually capturing the US Title. Then Miz can go on to bigger titles.

Speaking of that, good move by WWE to make Sheamus available for an easy MITB cash in, but have Miz hold off. Surprising move from an opportunistic heel which can only help build Miz up even more. WWE Creative can get Miz to near the level of Rock or Stone Cold's charisma. There's been chatter online about how if they're not careful, Miz could become a face. Keep in mind that both Rock and Austin were heels that just happened to become loved for their indifferent attitudes and catch phrases, which is what Miz displays a lot of. Fans loved both characters as heels before it was generally accepted that Rock and Austin were actually "heroic types" who kicked butt in the ring.

Heading forward it seems both Miz and Danielson will help each other out, despite the fact they'll be battling in the ring. Good moves by WWE to establish both these guys even more. Now we can wait and see what goes down Nexus on Raw.

What did you think of Summerslam 2010 PPV? Good surprises, good matches or so-so?

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OpenID chrismtob said...

Its good to see Mr. Bryan back, I know its not the big surprise everyone was hoping for but one that I am sure glad that it happened.

I just wanted to mention one thing with the Nexus, after this feud is over and the Nexus is gone, I cant Imagen over half those guys continuing on and having better careers when this is over but I could be wrong, I just think the fan will hate these guys too much to really care what happens to them.

August 17, 2010 at 11:41 AM  

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