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Smackdown Results 08/13/10

Smackdown Results from San Jose, CA:

Just days ahead of Summerslam 2010, Todd Grisham welcomed fans to Smackdown. The official Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero was already in the ring to start the show and did her "excuse me" bit multiple times despite the crowd jeers. She introduced the new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Vickie was dressed in Hawaian tropical garb, as was Dolph who arrived from backstage with the new belt around his waist.

They showed highlights of how Dolph won the title last week, despite Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise. Vickie got in the ring to yell at the ref, allowing Dolph to hit the Zig Zag and win the title. It's Dolph's first singles title so far. In the ring, Ziggler showed off his new hardware as Vickie hyped up how great he is, saying he's more electrifying than The Rock, has more Hart than Bret, and how he's sexier than Shawn Michaels. Vickie said "he is all mine- my boyfriend."

Ziggler took the mic away from Vickie. He spoke of a person who gave him countless hours of assistance and help en route to winning the Intercontinental Title. He said that person is the official consultant to Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie was all giggly as Dolph took her hand. She said Dolph deserves the title and she can't wait to leave the disgusting city to board a private plane for a celebration in Tahiti. Suddenly, Kofi Kingston rushed into the ring and attacked, knocking Dolph out of the ring. Vickie was on the mic still screaming for help as Kofi pounded away on Ziggler at ringside. Three refs intervened to hold Kofi back.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out from backstage saying "that's enough". Long said he's not going to let things go down like this. Long told them to cancel their vacation plans saying on Sunday Dolph will defend the Intercontinental title against Kofi Kingston. Long said tonight Dolph will go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio. Vickie said if Dolph is in action, so is Kofi, and he'll face Kane tonight. Long stopped her and said he's the GM and the one with the power. Kofi came up to Teddy Long, saying he's not a coward like Dolph so he'll take the match with Kane, and right now. Dolph quickly got out of the ring as Kofi got in and the three refs kept him from going after Ziggler. Ziggler and Vickie headed backstage.

Striker and Grisham brought up the Mysterio-Kane title match for Summerslam this weekend. Striker said he's concerned for Kofi Kingston tonight facing Kane.

They showed off highlights of Kane winning Money in the Bank and then cashing in his MITB contract to later defeat Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title. Kane said he won the title for his brother who was attacked. Kane later proclaimed that Undertaker said it was Rey Mysterio who attacked him. Rey denied the allegation saying in fact Kane was the one behind the attacks.

Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

During their match, things went to the outside. Kofi went for a Trouble in paradise kick but Kane avoided it and Kofi kicked the ringpost instead, hurting his leg/ankle. Kane started to focus his attack on the ankle as Striker pointed out Mysterio has a similar injury going on.

Later in the match, Kane whipped Kofi to the corner, but Kofi avoided his charge. Kofi beat on Kane a bit, then kane tossed him into the corner. Kofi responded with a pendulum kick from the apron, then he hopped up the corner on one leg. Kane came over as Kofi was setting up. From there it was a huge chokeslam from the top rope by Kane. After several moments, Kane did the Tombstone Piledriver to finish it.

Post match, Kane delivered a message on the mic to Rey Mysterio. Kane once again accused Rey of attacking his brother The Undertaker. Kane said it's obvious Rey was desperate and that motivated his actions. Kane said on Sunday Rey will pay for his actions and reminded him of the "eternal darkness" inside a casket.

Kane was about to finish his speech off with the pyro from the ringposts. Just then, Rey Mysterio came out from backstage to interrupt. Rey said if Kane is the devil's favorite demon, than Rey is God's most humble servant. Rey said Kane was the one who found Undertaker and kept accusing everyone else of the attack. Rey said if Taker was there right now, he'd have the title. Rey said on Sunday that title will be his.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

Striker said he was shocked to see Christian out after what Drew McIntyre did to him during a match 2 weeks ago. McIntyre yanked Christian's arm into the steel beams underneath of the ring then further attacked him.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre was walking side-by-side with Dashing Cody Rhodes. Drew was talking up the match to Cody who stopped him saying "I know what you're saying, don't worry I'm Dashing Cody Rhodes." Drew told him if he loses he's not dashing, he's disappointing.

In the closing moments of the match, the ref warned Christian about his attack on Rhodes. Christian gently pushed the ref aside and as he went at Rhodes, Cody raked his eye without the ref seeing it. From there, Cody tossed Christian shoulder-first to the ringpost, then hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Christian.

WWE Smack of the Night was from 2 weeks ago when StraightEdge Society attacked Big Show during his match against Luke Gallows. Gallows and Mercury held Show with his hand on the steel steps while Punk stomped on it.

The Big Show vs. Derek Werley, Jody Reese and Fernando Vega (3-on-1 Handicap Match)

Tonight's match was a preview/tune-up for Show's match against SES on Sunday. Show came to the ring with his right-hand heavily taped with black tape and a white "X" on it. Show apparently severed the fourth and fifth metacarpal tendons in his right hand.

During the match, Punk arrived onto the stage with SES to watch. Punk's T-shirt read "I Broke the Big Show's Hand". Show tossed the three amateur wrestlers around a bit, then hit several Chokeslams using his hurt hand. As one of the amateurs was getting up, Show delivered a vicious right hand punch to KO him for the win.

Luke Gallows started speaking on the mic, but Punk cut him off asking why he was talking. Punk told Gallows speak when spoken to. Punk said he knows the right hand hurts. He said Show doesn't have the brain power to distinguish between the 3 ham-and-eggers in the ring versus the sin-free Straight Edge Society. Punk said he'll be the conductor for a symphony at Summerslam, with the sounds of Show's hand breaking. Punk said he calls the symphony "The Destruction of The Big Show."

Winner: The Big Show wins the 3-on-1 Handicap match via pinfall.

Matt Hardy was shown backstage on the way to the ring for his match with Drew McIntyre.

Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre

The feud continues between Hardy and McIntyre. Once again, Drew was able to gain control of things on Hardy. He took advantage of an injury he caused, smashing Matt's ankle with the steel steps. In the ring, McIntyre hit the FutureShock DDT and grabbed the pinfall. Matt Hardy was helped backstage by various WWE staff.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over Matt Hardy.

Jack Swagger came to the ring and began to whine about how he's been screwed over since losing the WWE title. Montell Vontavius Porter came out to interrupt.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger

In this match, Swagger was dominating throughout and looked ready to capture the win. However, out of nowhere MVP scored a rollup pinfall to win it.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

The main event pitted two of this Sunday's Summerslam competitors in a matchup. Intercontinental champ Dolph Ziggler took on Rey Mysterio. Mysterio was able to get the win, but during the match his nemesis Kane wheeled a casket down to the ring. After the match, Mysterio fought off Kane and knocked him into the casket.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

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