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Summerslam 2010 PPV Predictions

On Sunday August 15th, the WWE's Summerslam 2010 goes down with plenty of hot matches on the card. The event will take place in Los Angeles, California for its second straight year and feature multiple titles and feuds on the card. Among those are of course the big elimination match involving Team WWE versus The Nexus. Also, Kane defends the World Title while Sheamus defends the WWE Title. Add in the WWE Divas Title and Intercontinental Title and you've got plenty of compelling matches!

Let's take a look at those matches with some analysis and predictions for Sunday!

Melina vs. Alicia Fox
WWE Divas Championship

This pick is probably the no-brainer of the bunch so we'll start off with this. Melina has only been back long enough for one match, in which she defeated current champ Alicia for a title shot. The title shot comes in Los Angeles, which is around where Melina supposedly "hails from" in Hollywood. A perfect opportunity for Melina to win the title back.

You may wonder why Melina wouldn't be coming back to face Maryse for the title. It seems the creative staff took the title off Maryse so she could play the role of Dibiase's girlfriend. Otherwise, her having the title would interfere with that storyline. So now we've got Melina back and ready to reclaim the belt, which changed hands three times.

Prediction: Melina wins via pinfall to re-claim the Divas Title.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Probably the next no-brainer pick of the show, although they did have Kofi win the IC title back off Drew McIntyre rather quickly at a PPV event before. Still it's Ziggler's time to shine, complete with the Vickie Guerrero side-story as his girlfriend. Eventually that will decay but for now Dolph's going to enjoy his gold and championship status. Sorry Kofi, maybe you'll be moving on to the bigger picture and title later on.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler retains thanks to Vickie.

Big Show vs. Straight Edge Society
3-on-1 Handicap match

Show really wants to get his hands on SES, especially Punk after the stomping on his right hand. He came onto Smackdown last night with black tape on the hand a big white "X". That's to deliver the KO Punch to Punk. Will it happen or will the feud continue on?

For now it would seem that maybe somehow Punk eludes getting beat here, and the feud continues just a bit more. After all, Punk hasn't wrestled in the feud until this match. Show has his hands full, especially with Serena on the outside. Expect some sort of trickery and Punk's crew wins, then gets out of harm's way.

Prediction: The SES wins this one to keep their feud with Show going a bit longer.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
World Championship Match

It's hard to see a hobbled Rey Mysterio regaining the title here. What makes sense might be that Kane does deliver on his promise and puts Rey in a coffin. It gives Mysterio a break from the action for a bit of time, but will ultimately bring Undertaker back.

If I was part of WWE's creative team, I'd probably have the story with Kane locking Mysterio in a casket and putting it in some cellar or backstage boiler room. Only thing is, once he opens the casket, Undertaker rises up. Of course we probably will get more of a druid ceremony or Undertaker Titantron videos that disrupt the arena lighting. Who knows, we may get surprised and see Taker return at the end of Kane's victory to retain the title. Still, Kane holds onto the title because it's going to be Taker who takes it from him.

Prediction: Kane wins to retain the title and puts Mysterio in a casket. Maybe Undertaker returns here or sends a message?

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

These next two matches are the tough picks of the card. The reason why is those unknowns, the X factors in them. For this match we know who's competing, but there's always that possibility that The Miz cashes in on someone. Smart money is on Triple H to have a feud with Sheamus once HHH returns to action. Question is, will HHH be going after just Sheamus, or the title as well.

There's so many scenarios you can come up with for this match and the next (WWE vs Nexus). One would be Orton wins the title off Sheamus, only to have Miz cash in and defeat Orton right after. However a more clever scenario may be to have Orton win the title, and then take that final spot on Team WWE to help Cena and company against Nexus. Orton is one of the final survivors, if not the only, but has been so worn down by Nexus that Miz comes out and cashes in to become WWE champ, ending Summerslam with a bang! How about that?

So who's going to win the title. Let's go out on a limb and choose Randy Orton here, although we all know how much Vince loves HHH and rewards him with numerous WWE title reigns.

Prediction: Orton wins the WWE title from Sheamus after RKO. Does The Miz cash in?

Team WWE vs. The Nexus
7-on-? Elimination Match

This is just like those traditional Survivor Series matches, except its seven against six, or possibly seven. Great Khali's status is up in the air after he was attacked on Raw. There likely will be a seventh guy, and here's three potentials: Triple H, The Miz or Randy Orton. See above for what may occur if Orton is the WWE champ and takes the seventh spot.

Now the other thing with this match is the potential for some faces to turn heel, and help Nexus defeat Team WWE. Just one Team WWE star has to be a turncoat. Some have suggested Cena, but then again he's been suggested to turn heel forever. Hart is another candidate, depending on how long he is planning to be around with WWE for. It seems Vince likes the draw of having Bret Hart as part of the roster.

There's the big possibility that Triple H returns to help Team WWE win the match propelling himself into the spotlight and top of the title contenders. Or we could see Miz cash in for the MITB title shot and enter as the 7th man holding the WWE title. It makes for a lot of interesting possibilities.

Let's go with Team WWE winning somehow, but there's likely a swerve coming in this match. Will Cena be the last man standing, or will someone else be with him? Will a surprise entrant be the one who wins the match for Team WWE? I welcome fan comments below on what will happen with this one!

Prediction: Team WWE pulls off a win, but who is the 7th member of the team, and is there a swerve?

So there you have it. I feel pretty confident about the majority of picks, but those two Raw matches (WWE vs Nexus & Sheamus/Orton) seem to be wildcards with plenty of interesting possibilities. We all know The Miz will be part of this event in some capacity, but will he be leaving as the new WWE Champion? Who will that seventh member of Team WWE be? Comment below!

As with the previous Pay-Per-Views, WWE Characters the Blog will provide updated results of each match as the Summerslam event goes down. Check out the blog after 8PM EST on Sunday August 15th and you'll be able to stay on top of the results as they happen. Feel free to list your predictions below!

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