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WWE NXT Results 08/10/10

WWE NXT Results from San Jose, CA:

The show opened with Striker, Matthews and Michael Cole up on stage with the "Power of the Punch" Boxer Challenge. Cole was dressed up in a headband, Miz T-Shirt and championship belt. Cole got himself all psyched up then went over and registered a 728 on the punching bag machine. Josh Matthews stepped up and got a score of 806. Cole was dejected and walked backstage. Striker said just like tonight someone is going to be eliminated.

The ring announcer introduced the pairs of WWE Pros and Rookies. Zack Ryder and John Morrison came out solo. Lucky Cannon also came out by himself with no Mark Henry in sight. Striker said Mark Henry sustained an injury from Nexus last night and was unable to make it tonight. Striker said tonight another NXT rookie gets sent home. Striker said the Season Finale arrives in three weeks, with the winner getting a championship match live on PPV.

Striker had them do the "Power of the Punch Challenge". The winner of the challenge gets an individual appearance on next week's episode of Raw. Here's how it went.

Michael McGillicutty 863
Kaval disqualified for kicking the bag
Percy Watson 716
Lucky Cannon 744
Husky Harris 380
Alex Riley 896

Alex Riley won the challenge to get an appearance on Raw next week. Striker asked Riley if there was a strategy involved. Riley said he's simply the best athlete out there. He said Miz might be a reality star, but he is a star in reality.

When NXT arrived back, Cole had highlights from what happened during break shown. The Miz was in Morrison's face with a mic. Miz said Team WWE needs him. Miz told Morrison he wants to hear him ask for help just like Hart and Cena did. Morrison said no and suggested they have a match tonight so he can show Miz why they don't need him. Michael Cole said Team WWE does need a 7th member and Miz would make a good final competitor.

Lucky Cannon, Percy Watson & Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris & Alex Riley

This was a 3-on-3 rematch from last night's Raw. Cole said he was surprised to see Kaval even competing after suffering a Senton Bomb from Husky Harris and Irish Cross from Sheamus on last night's Raw.

During the match, Lucky Cannon became the target of doubleteams and attacks from the heels. He eventually made the hot tag and Kaval came in with a flurry of moves. Kaval had a guillotine submission locked onto McGill, but Husky Harris rushed in to smash Kaval off. Riley came in as well. Percy Watson was in with a huge dropkick to take out Harris, while Cannon clotheslined Riley out over the top rope.

With Kaval and McGillicutty the only ones left, McGill did a leg sweep kick to trip Kaval down. He prepared for his McGillicutter neckbreaker, but Kaval avoided it. Kaval whipped him to the corner, then hit a huge dropkick into McGill's chest. With McGill layed out near the corner, Kaval jumped off the corner and drove his feet into McGill's chest, then pinned.

Winners: Kaval, Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon win via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris & Alex Riley.

Striker told the WWE Pros to huddle up on stage and make their decisions for the upcoming Poll. Coming up The Miz and John Morrison go one-on-one.

They showed highlights of the ongoing feud between The Nexus and WWE Raw superstars including last night's main event. Chris Jericho and Edge both quit Team WWE and went against John Cena and Bret Hart. The Nexus served as Lumberjacks. Edge and Jericho eventually left the scene after getting attacked by Nexus on the outside. The Nexus got up on the apron ready to pounce on Cena/Hart. R-Truth and John Morrison came to the ring to stand with Cena/Hart. Soon, Jericho and Edge rushed to the ring to aid them.

Great Khali suffered patella and ligament damage on last night's Raw after being attacked by Nexus. According to WWE medical staff, Khali is unlikely to compete. Josh Matthews and Michael Cole ran down the card for Summerslam PPV 2010 edition.

John Morrison vs. The Miz

During the early part of the match, Cole argued with Josh Matthews about why Team WWE needs to bring The Miz on board. Morrison gained control and hit a huge moonsault style move to pound Miz for a near fall. Miz regained control by driving a knee to Morrison's gut, then stomping on him. Morrison was able to knock Miz to the outside then hit a spinning move over the ropes to land on Miz. NXT went to commercials.

When the show returned, Miz had a headlock on Morrison in the ring. Morrison got to his feet and fought out of it, but Miz yanked him down by his hair to the mat. After Miz seemed to dominate for a while, Morrison gained momentum and hit a springboard mule kick to the side of Miz's head for a near fall. Miz was able to kick Morrison in the skull for a near fall of his own.

In the closing moments, Morrison fought from the apron to punch Miz down in the ring. Morrison went for Starship Pain but Miz rolled away, so Morrison landed on his feet and charged the corner. Miz caught him with an elbow to the face. Morrison went for a kick but Miz ducked and Morrison hurt his leg. From there it was all over as Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale for the pin.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over John Morrison.

WWE NXT Poll & Elimination

Striker asked each NXT rookie who should go home. Percy Watson said Alex Riley for running his mouth so much. Lucky Cannon said anyone but him.

Striker revealed the latest Poll spot-by-spot:

2)Michael McGillicutty
3)Percy Watson
4)Husky Harris
5)Alex Riley
6)Lucky Cannon

Cannon gave his farewell speech and dissed several of his former competitors, calling Kaval a 9-year-old who sounds like Barry White, and saying the WWE Universe has got to see Husky Harris run through walls and a giant ramble on about a mustache. Cannon said the WWE Universe has not seen the last of him. He went to shake hands with several of the other guys, but some weren't so willing.

Striker gave Alex Riley some mic time since he was in last place. Riley said he can't understand how he went from third to fifth in a week when the only judging criteria was a kissing contest. Riley said he's going to show them on Raw why he deserves to be twhhe winner. Striker revealed that next week they'll have a double elimination.

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