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WWE Superstars Results 07/29/10

WWE Superstars Results 07/29/10:

After the pyro was done, it was Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on hand for commentary. Cole said we're just weeks away from Summerslam 2010. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov arrived out for the opening contest.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Primo & William Regal

Regal hammered on Santino in the corner in the latter part of the match. Primo got in some cheapshots as the ref was warning Kozlov to stay out of the ring. Regal put a submission stretch on Santino as Kozlov tried to rally the crowd behind his tag partner.

Primo tagged in and tried to keep control but as he went for a Frogsplash, Santino got his knees up. Santino finally made the hot tag to Vlad. Kozlov came in and threw Primo around the ring, then used his headbutt to the chest move. Kozlov hit a running powerslam on Primo for a pinfall. Regal came in to break it up. Santino came in and threatened with the Cobra Punch, so Regal fled from the ring up the ramp. Meanwhile, Primo tried for a bodypress off the corner. Kozlov caught him and hit his finisher for the win.

Winners: Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella win via pinfall over William Regal & Primo.

The commentators reviewed highlights from Tueday's episode of WWE NXT Season 2. It was the second WWE NXT Poll and second elimination. The poll revealed that Husky Harris and Eli Cottonwood were the last two. Cottonwood was eliminated, and rather than giving parting comments he attacked the other competitors, before shoving Morrison on his way backstage. Cottonwood rushed back to ringside to continue beating up Lucky Cannon and Husky Harris as NXT ended.

"Rip it Up" by Jet is the official theme song for Summerslam 2010.

Chris Masters vs. Caylen Croft

They showed highlights from 3 weeks ago when Chris Masters had his Masterlock challenge. He was able to put the hold on both Barretta and Croft, but they ended up attacking him in the end with a doubleteam finisher to leave him layed out. Trent Barretta was on hand at ringside for his Dudebusters partner.

During the match, Masters gained momentum despite having an injured left leg. As Croft stood up near the ropes then Masters clotheslined him to the outside. Masters was hobbled a bit but went out to attack. Barretta rushed him only to get knocked down. Masters put the Masterlock on him then tossed him to the side, so he could get Croft back in the ring.

As Masters was getting in through the ropes, Croft wisely clipped Masters' bad legt. He followed up with a DDT move to get the winning pinfall.

Winner: Caylen Croft wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

Superstars returned with a video package on former World Champ Rey Mysterio. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker were now on commentary and mentioned how Rey is #1 contender for the title at Summerslam against Kane.

They brought up WWE Raw and showed highlights of how Team WWE is having its issues. R-Truth and Morrison got into it during the show. Edge questioned Great Khali's inclusion on the team and planned to take him out. Meanwhile, Team Nexus took out a 7-man team of Raw superstars in an elimination match as a preview. During the main event, Chris Jericho was partnered up with John Cena, but hit a Codebreaker on his own partner, allowing The Miz to get a pinfall win. As Raw ended, almost all the members of Team WWE were feuding in the ring.

Grisham and Striker covered the known matches for Summerslam 2010: Team WWE vs Team Nexus in a 7-on-7 elimination match, Rey vs Kane for the World Title and Orton vs Sheamus for the WWE Title.

MVP made his way to the ring for the main event with his NXT rookie Percy 'Showtime' Watson.

MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo dropkicked MVP off the apron in the second half of the match, then went out for more attack. Chavo rolled MVP back into the ring then did a somersault over the ropes onto him. Chavo had the near fall, then wrenched MVP's arm back in a submission hold. Chavo continued to dominate with Percy Watson watching from ringside.

Chavo put a chinlock on MVP for further damage. MVP fought out though as he got this feet and turned Chavo's submission into the Electric Chair to drop him back to the mat. Porter ducked a clothesline and then took down Chavo several times. After a Facebuster moments later, MVP hit the Ballin' Elbow drop.

MVP was about to go for the Play of the Day, but Chavo blocked and tossed MVP into the middle turnbuckle. MVP was slow to get up and Chavo hit two of his three suplexes. MVP blocked the third attempt and hit a German Suplex for a near fall. Chavo got up and hit a spinning kick for a near fall of his own. Chavo climbed to the corner for a high risk move, but MVP caught him with a huge boot to the face. Chavo barely kicked out of the pinfall.

In the closing moments, MVP went for a suplex with Chavo kneeing his way out. However, just moments later MVP caught him with The Play of the Day to slam Chavo face first to the mat for the pin. Watson got in the ring to celebrate with his Pro Mentor.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Chavo Guerrero.

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