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WWE Superstars Results 08/05/10

WWE Superstars Results 08/05/10:

Tiffany vs Layla

A non-title Smackdown divas contest started things off on Superstars. Early on, Tiffany took Layla down with a forearm after Layla messed with her skirt. Tiffany went for a sunset flip and had a near fall for 2. Moments later, Michelle McCool got involved in things on the outside, attacking Tiffany's knee.

In the closing moments, Tiffany clotheslined Layla in the corner, then follwed with a bulldog. Layla kicked out of the pinfall attempt at 2. Tiffany was able to hit a suplex and had another near fall. Layla missed on a move in the corner, allowing Tiffany to climb the corner and go for a flying crossbody. However, Layla moved out of the way, then hit her Lay Out neckbreaker to win it.

Winner: Layla wins by pinfall over Tiffany.

Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer vs. The Dude Busters

A matchup from Smackdown was the second offering as two heel teams faced off. Hawkins was hit by a springboard dropkick by Trent Barretta for a pinfall, but Archer came in to break it up. Croft came in to take Archer to the outside, then went for a dive over the ropes with Archer moving away. Meanwhile, Barretta gained the advantage over Hawkins in the ring. He had him in a pinfall, but Archer got back to the apron, rushed into the ring and booted Croft in the face. From there, Archer hit his reverse DDT finisher and then Hawkins hit the flying elbow drop from the corner.

Following their win, Archer and Hawkins talked about being the best tag team around. They said they want to challenge Hart Dynasty for the tag titles and will find them.

Winners: Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer win via pinfall over The Dude Busters.

Evan Bourne vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder locked a headlock in on Bourne down in the mat, then moved into a chin/facelock. Bourne struggled to get to his feet then elbowed Ryder in the gut and got out. Ryder grabbed his pants, and Bourne kicked him to get away. Bourne went for a surprise small package with Ryder kicking out. Bourne kept using kicks then tried to whip Ryder to the ropes. Ryder whipped Bourne and he came back to kick him down.

Bourne kicked Ryder into the corner in a seated position, then ran and flipped into Ryder with a move. Bourne had a nearfall by the corner, then started to go towards the corner thinking about Air Bourne. Ryder grabbed his leg to stop him. Ryder was able to catch Bourne on a move and slam him to the mat for a near fall. With Bourne still down, Ryder went up the corner. Bourne sprang to his feet then climbed the corner to fight Ryder, eventually tossing him over his back to the mat. From there, Bourne turned around on the corner and hit Air Bourne then captured a pinfall.

Winner: Evan Bourne wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

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