Friday, August 6, 2010

Smackdown Preview 08.06.10

On tonight's Smackdown, the red hot Dolph Ziggler will look to finally add some gold to his waist. With Vickie Guerrero's assistance, Ziggler has now defeated the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston twice in non-title matchups. Tonight, Ziggler will finally get to contend for Kingston's IC title. After last week's match, Kofi was irate with Vickie Guerrero slapping him in the face through the ropes. Kofi took things out in an agressive manner rarely seen from the superstar. Will he be able to keep his cool and more importantly keep his championship?

Also tonight, Smackdown GM Teddy Long has given Team LayCool an ultimatum. On last week's show, Layla was to defend the Womens title against Tiffany. However, Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero came out to say that Michelle would be fighting the match as a co-champion. GM Teddy Long appeared on the Big Screen following Michelle's win to defend the title. The GM said Team LayCool will need to chose one of its members as the current champion. Will the 'Flawless' diva bff's be able to put pride aside and allow one of them to wear the belt? Which of the two divas will be the Womens Champion?

Finally, last week saw an intense No DQ matchup between Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Swagger vowed to toss Rey out into the Gulf of Mexico. However, Mysterio was able to use his headscissors to flip Swagger into the water first. Swagger yelled for help, but Rey waved him off, ready to head back to the arena. Unfortunately for Rey, he was soon grabbed by The Big Red Monster Kane, and also tossed into the water! Kane just recently let the WWE Universe know that his brother, The Undertaker, said it was Mysterio who attacked him weeks ago, leaving Taker in a vegetative state. Will Mysterio respond to Kane's claims, or will Kane continue to hunt him down?

Catch Smackdown tonight at 8PM EST on MyNetwork TV!

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