Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smackdown sends Mysterio & Swagger Swimming in Gulf

The latest episode of Smackdown had just about everything. Title matches, #1 Contender for title matches, Kofi Kingston going crazy on Dolph Ziggler, and Kane naming the assailant who left his brother, The Undertaker, in a vegetative state. Oh yeah, and we saw a No DQ match between Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio which ended up in the Gulf waters. WWE loves using that scene doesn't it?

With the open of the show, Kane delivered yet another gripping promo about his brother's poor health. This time, Kane said his brother was moving and finally spoke. Kane claimed his brother spoke just two words, the name of the guy who attacked him. Those two words just happened to be 'Rey Mysterio'. Maybe Taker was answering who he thought would win at Summerslam, or 'Who's the only wrestler left wearing a mask?' Still Kane is claiming it's Rey who did the damage to his brother. His elaborate description makes sense, but is the WWE Universe buying it? It seems Kane may be the real culprit and is looking for someone to take out his agression on. We just might see Undertaker rise from his near dead-state at Summerslam to close the PPV.

Between Cody Rhodes' 'Dashing' grooming tips, the constant Alberto Del Rio promos and CM Punk's schtick, the WWE is certainly working on the fans' self-esteem and self-image. The big question is will any of these guys capture gold before 2010 ends? Cody Rhodes seems like a good Intercontinental champ, as does Del Rio. The other question, when is Del Rio going to stop talking and start wrestling?

We may be heading into two possible alliance implosions on the next Smackdown episode. The first is Layla and Michelle, who are BFF's and Co-Womens Champions. After a successful title defense, Team LayCool was informed by GM Teddy Long that they need to choose which one of them will be the WWE Womens Champion. Clearly both of them want it, and we know what happens if Layla claims ownership. McCool will go after her for the title out of jealousy. Speaking of when are people going to wrestle, why is Rosa Mendes just doing exercises backstage? While it's slightly entertaining, wrestling might burn more calories.

The other possible implosion will come in next week's Intercontinental Title match. This is Ziggler's second attempt at the title while being managed by the consultant Vickie Guerrero. Vickie really sparked a fire inside Kofi Kingston by slapping him in the face, causing Kofi to go off and deliver a real beatdown to Ziggler in and around the ring. If Ziggler loses, it's easy to see him blaming Vickie, or her hitting the road, calling him a loser. If he wins, maybe he ditches her saying he no longer needs her now that he's got the title, but we know how that would go with Vickie!

The Smackdown main event was a big No Disqualification match between Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger. The coolest part of this was the fight that went into the concession area. It was hard to tell what was part of the staged fight and what was real life stuff happening. There was an elevator full of fans that arrived right near the two brawling wrestlers. Did they just coincidentally decide to take an elevator trip, knowing what was going on? Were they really leaving during the main event?

Not only did that happen, we saw Swagger toss Rey outside through the arena doors. With Mysterio on one shoulder Swagger started walking across a street and the ref yelled 'watch out for that car'. A plant or a real driver? Funny if it wasn't staged. Either way it reminds you of the older WWE Smackdown vs Raw video game. The ending of Swagger vs Mysterio saw both guys end up in the Gulf waters. Last time we saw that was on the old ECW when Chavo Guerrero and CM Punk fought, until Punk hit the GTS to send Chavo into the waters. This time it was Rey sending Swagger into the water, only for Mysterio to get chokeslammed by Kane into the water. The camera closed with a shot of the 'See No Evil' star's angry face. A cool, creepy ending to a hellacious Smackdown.

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