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Smackdown Results 07/30/10

Smackdown Results from Corpus Christi, TX:

The show opened with highlights of Kane's speech about winning the World Title for his brother The Undertaker. Later on last week's show, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio fought in a Best 2 of 3 Falls match. Mysterio won the first fall by DQ, then Swagger took the second by submission. In the final battle, Rey was able to catch Swagger with surprise pinfall. Swagger went for the attack on Rey in ring, with Kane coming to the rescue. However, after Kane left the ring he rushed back in and tried to attack Rey. Rey managed to hit the 619 on him and escape.

The show opened with Kane in the darkened arena with red lights glowing, and a coffin set up behind him. Kane talked about waiting 60 days by his brother's bedside to get a sign about who attacked him. Kane said just yesterday his brother moved and opened his eyes. Kane said Taker also spoke, even though he was weak and frail. Kane said his brother spoke two words, the name of his assailant. Kane said a tidal wave of anger coursed through his body upon hearing it. Kane said the whole time the guilty party has been staring him in the eyes. He said it was "Rey Mysterio" who attacked Taker.

Kane said that after Rey lost to Undertaker in a match to determine the Fatal Fourway participant, and then he attacked Undertaker. He said Rey won the Battle Royal to take the final spot in the match and then he won the World Title. Kane said that he cashed in his MITB briefcase though and stopped Rey's plan. Kane vowed to make Rey pay for his sins at Summerslam. He opened the casket saying he will stuff Rey into it and damn him to Eternal Hell. Kane said once he shuts the casket, Rey will no longer exist.

Smackdown returned from commercial break with commentators Matt Striker and Todd Grisham. They discussed Kane's revelation that Rey Mysterio was responsible for Undertaker's vegetated state. They said later tonight Rey has to compete in a No DQ match against Jack Swagger.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

They showed last Friday's tag match where Matt Hardy accidentally knocked down Christian in a scuffle. Striker questioned if Hardy did it on purpose and Grisham said Christian didn't think so.

At one point in the match, Drew was knocked down on the outside. Christian went for the baseball slide kick with Drew moving away. Christian came back and dropkicked Drew against the apron. McIntyre crawled partly under the apron cover, then yanked Christian's hurt left arm into the steel support beams under the ring. He worked over Christian's arm back in the ring.

During a break, Christian was knocked out of the ring and Drew went out to DDT his shoulder onto the steel steps. Christian was nearly counted out as Smackdown returned, and got into the ring at 9. Drew continued to dominate with arm submission holds until Christian started fighting back. He got in a headbutt and a slap to take down Drew, then hit a missile dropkick off the corner.

The Peeps started to rally Christian who was fighting with one good arm. Drew was able to toss him onto the apron but Christian yanked him against the top rope. Christian hit a crossbody off the corner for a pin but Drew rolled through and took a near fall. Christian went for Killswitch, but Drew flipped him back. Christian hit a reverse DDT, but it further hurt his arm.

In the closing moments, Drew tossed Christian shoulder first into the ringpost. He went for his Future Shock DDT, grabbing Christian from the apron. Christian blocked it and hooked Drew into a small package pinfall for the surprise win.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

A new grooming tip from 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes was shown. This time Rhodes talked about acne and blackheads on the face and how unattractive they are. He turned around in the bathroom with a mud facial mask on. Rhodes said the facial is essential for today's man to get "porcelain-like skin".

A new Alberto Del Rio promo was shown where he was playing pool and talked about people aspiring for excellence. He said there are those who are the elite in everything they do, like himself. He hit a pool shot sending all of the balls into holes. He called himself "the epitomy of excellence, Alberto Del Rio."

CM Punk was shown backstage yelling at the SES. He asked who's going to let him down tonight. He questioned each member of SES. He told Serena to let him smell her breath to see she was sober. He yelled at Joey Mercury about not helping out when Big Show unmasked him. Punk showed them that he has a sling on and that's why he can't stop Big Show on his own. Punk told them that he's the only one who will be ok when they leave the locker room. He told them that they're nothing without him. He told them "do something". He tossed a bag at Gallows saying if they don't do something they can pack their bags.

The Big Show arrived to the ring for the next matchup.

Smackdown showed highlights from 2 weeks ago when CM Punk was trapped up on the ladder in the ring and Big Show unmasked Punk. They also showed Big Show unmask the mystery SES guy last week, revealing it to be Joey Mercury. Show put on the mask and then defeated Mercury by pinfall.

Big Show vs. Luke Gallows

Gallows was accompanied to the ring by Punk, Serena and Joey Mercury. During the match, Show held Gallows against the corner and demanded that ring announcer Tony Chimel bring a mic up. Chimel held it near Gallows' chest as Show slapped him and it reverberated on the mic. Show tossed Gallows across the ring, and Punk yelled at him to get up.

On the outside, Show went to grab Gallows. Punk rushed over and kicked Show in the back of the leg. The ref called for the bell immediately to DQ Gallows. SES all attacked Show on the outside. He tried to fight them off, but was tossed into the steps. Mercury put him in a chokehold and Gallows held Show's arm on top of the steps. From there, Punk got up on the steps and began to stomp on Show's right hand. After several times and Show screaming, Serena got on the steps and did it with her high heel shoe. Punk threw the sling at Show telling him "you're gonna need this more than I do!"

Winner: The Big Show wins due to disqualification after CM Punk interfered.

Smackdown returned with highlights of SES attacking Big Show near the steel steps. During the break, medical staff came out to check on Show's hand saying he needs X-rays done.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

They showed highlights from last week's match. Kofi skinned the cat after Dolph had tried tossing him from the ring. Vickie Guerrero was ringside and rushed over to grab Kofi's leg. Ziggler hit Kofi with the Zig Zag and then put the sleeper on to make Kofi pass out.

Vickie accompanied Dolph to the ring for the match against Kofi. Grisham said if Dolph wins tonight he gets an Intercontinental Title shot next week. During the match, Ziggler was dominating although Kofi kept trying to fight back. Ziggler slapped on a choke hold on the mat, but Kofi managed to get to his feet. Ziggler whipped Kofi to the corner, but Kofi responded with a kick to him as Dolph charged. Ziggler moved away from the other corner as Kofi tried to pounce. Grisham said it's been all Ziggler since the opening bell.

Ziggler hit a huge elbow drop for a near fall but Kofi kicked out before break. After break, Ziggler continued to dominate. Later though, Kofi hit a jawbreaker on Ziggler. Ziggler went for a Zig Zag, but Kofi caught his legs and catapulted Ziggler into the corner. Kofi allowed Dolph to try to attack, then struck back at him.

In the closing moments, Kofi was resting against the bottom rope as the ref warned Ziggler. Vickie Guerrero came over to the side of the ring and slapped Kofi hard in the face. This enraged Kofi as he went over and started pounding on Ziggler with his closed fist. He kept attacking Ziggler kicking and punching him. Ziggler fell to the outside, where Kofi tossed him over the commentators' table. He kept beating Ziggler unmercifully outside the ring until finally three refs had to restrain him. Ziggler won due to DQ on Kofi. Vickie went over to check on Ziggler ringside as the refs escorted Kofi up the ramp.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins due to disqualification of Dolph Ziggler.

Grisham and Striker reviewed what happened on Raw this past week. Team Nexus won a 7-on-7 elimination match against 7 Raw stars as a preview for Summerslam. Meanwhile Cena's assembled team was having its own issues and ended Raw fighting each other in the ring. Striker and Grisham discussed the known Summerslam matches, Mysterio vs Kane, Sheamus vs Orton and Team WWE vs The Nexus.

Josh Matthews interviewed Jack Swagger backstage. Swagger interrupted Matthews before he could ask a question. Swagger said he doesn't have time for his idiotic questions about how Swagger was left out of the World Title match, or for an update on his dad's health. Swagger said his dad is still in the hospital. Swagger told Matthews that later tonight he plans to break Rey's legs, and then drag that little Tequila worm Rey Mysterio out of the arena. Swagger said he's going to toss him into the Gulf water outside.

Kelly Kelly and Tiffany were walking side-by-side backstage on the way out to the ring. They saw Rosa Mendes doing exercises and she wished Tiffany good luck in her title match.

When Smackdown returned, Grisham confirmed that next week Dolph Ziggler will face Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title next week.

Tiffany vs. Layla
WWE Womens Championship match

Before the match could get underway, Vickie Guerrero arrived out onto the stage with a mic yelling "excuse me" at the audience. Vickie said tonight's match is for the Womens Title but Layla will not be the member of LayCool defending the title. Vickie said Layla and Michelle are co-champs so Michelle will defend her title tonight against Tiffany.

Michelle did jumping jacks and pushups to show off after the bell rang. When she was done, Tiffany hit her with a dropkick then started the attack. Tiffany got seated up on the corner and Tiffany kept hammering on her. Tiffany climbed to the second rope and kept beating up Michelle then hit the Superplex. She went for the pinfall and nearly had 3 but Michelle barely escaped.

Tiffany went against the ropes with Layla grabbing her leg. Kelly rushed over to beat up Layla, but Layla shoved Kelly into the crowd barrier. Tiffany dropkicked Layla into the barrier. She went over to get up on the corner as Michelle was standing up. Michelle rushed over and knocked Tiffany's leg out causing Tiffany to hang upside down. Michelle grabbed Tiffany for the Faithbreaker and won the match.

Winner: Michelle McCool wins via pinfall over Tiffany to retain the WWE Womens Championship.

As LayCool was celebrating in the ring, Smackdown GM Teddy Long appeared on the Titantron. He said there's only one Womens Champion in WWE and the two of them need to decide who it will be. Teddy said if they don't decide by next week, he'll decide for them. LayCool was visibly upset as they said it's both their title.

Another Alberto Del Rio promo was shown. This time Del Rio discussed how people want nice things like a good job, house and mate. He said we all have the power to get this things, but don't because others are mentally constipated, bottling up all their emotions. He said he's not like that, and that he achieves everything he sets his mind to. Del Rio said he's not bound by limitations or insecurities. He called himself an enlightened man, Alberto Del Rio.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger
No Disqualification Match

Swagger immediately began to beat on and stomp on Rey in the corner. Rey hit a drop toe hold and went for an early 619 but Swagger got out of the ring. Rey dropkicked him through the ropes. Swagger tried to grab Rey from the apron and put the ankle lock on. Rey managed to use his legs to toss Swagger into the steel steps before a commercial break.

Rey fought Swagger off the corner when Smackdown returned, then he hit a West Coast Pop from the corner. Swagger charged at Rey near the ropes with Rey dropping down and pulling the top rope down so Swagger fell out. Moments later, Mysterio used a headscissor to toss Swagger into the barrier. Swagger was able to drop Rey onto the barrier then into the crowd where he went to attack him more.

Swagger picked up Rey on one shoulder but Rey managed to escape over another crowd barrier, then kicked Swagger hard in the head. Up in the crowd, Rey went for a move off a guardrail. Swagger caught Rey on his shoulders and slammed him against the high guard rail twice. Swagger began to drag Rey backstage and threw him hard against the hallway wall. The fight continued as Swagger threw Rey into a concession stand. Swagger kept tossing Rey around throwing him out the arena doors. The ref yelled at Swagger to bring it back to the ring, but Rey ignored him.

Outside, Swagger rubbed Rey's head against a guardrail. Swagger kept hammering away on Rey then picked him up on one shoulder. A car came at them and Swagger dropped Rey with the driver yelling at Swagger. He yelled back as they left. Swagger carried Rey towards the Gulf water, but Rey slid off him. Rey started fighting back and tossed Swagger over a wall near the water. Rey hit the West Coast Pop on him then started to kick away on Swagger near the water. Swagger retaliated and grabbed Rey's leg then beat away on him down on the bank area. Swagger told Rey 'you're not even half the man I am', then stood up and looked around.

Swagger picked Rey up on his shoulders and looked towards the water to toss Rey in. Rey managed to get off Swagger and then used a headscissors move to toss him into the water. Swagger thrashed around yelling for someone to help him saying he was drowning. Rey waved him off and turned around to walk back but was suddenly grabbed around the throat by Kane. Kane picked him up and tossed him into the water with Swagger. The camera showed Kane's face fuming as Smackdown ended.

Winner: No contest, no winner declared.

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