Friday, November 12, 2010

Smackdown Results 11/12/10

Note: The following Smackdown results for the taped show from Manchester, UK are courtesy of These abbreviated results are posted due to time constraints on 11/12/10. Feel free to comment below with any additional info about tonight's Smackdown results.

Edge did a promo on Kane when Nexus came out. Nexus came out and surrounded him. Vickie Guerrero made Edge shake hands with David Otunga. Edge did, then speared him.

Alberto Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio came out and laid out Del Rio with the 619.

Natalya beat Layla with The Sharpshooter. Michelle McCool was not there.

David Otunga beat Edge when Kane came out during a fracas and chokeslammed Edge. Otunga covered Edge and won so he doesn't have to leave Nexus.

Dolph Ziggler beat MVP to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Kane was in the back looking for Paul Bearer.

Big Show beat Kane in a non-title match. Edge tied up Paul Bearer, which distracted Kane and led to the loss.

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