Monday, November 15, 2010

Raw Preview 11/15/10

Tonight's Raw comes less than a week ahead of Sunday's huge Survivor Series 2010 Pay-per-View event! The show will have a special 8PM EST start as it will be a throwback to the older days of WWE, the "WWF era" of the 80's! Expect appearances from former legends and stars of the old WWE on tonight's episode of the show.

Things are definitely heating up as Survivor Series approaches though. John Cena's career will be on the line Sunday as he will be special guest referee for the Wade Barrett versus Randy Orton WWE Title match. Just recently on Raw, Cena was special guest ref in a tag match which Orton and R-Truth won versus Barrett and Otunga. What will Barrett have in store for John Cena on tonight's episode of Raw? Will David Otunga have anything to say regarding Barrett's recent treatment of him in Nexus?

Also scheduled to compete at Survivor Series is diva Natalya. She'll be vying for the WWE Divas Championship held by Michelle McCool and Layla. However, Natalya currently is trying to hold together the dysfunctional tag team known as The Hart Dynasty. Will this tag team be able to get on the same page again, or are we headed for a Tyson Kidd David Hart Smith clash?

Check out tonight's special episode of Raw at 8PM EST on USA!

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